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my·op·ic (M),

(mī-op'ik, -ō'pik),
Relating to or suffering from myopia.
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Relating to or suffering from myopia.
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(mi-o'pe-a) [Gr. myein, to shut, + ops, eye]
An error in refraction in which light rays are focused in front of the retina, enabling the person to see distinctly for only a short distance. A negative (concave) lens of proper strength will correct this condition. Synonym: nearsightedness See: emmetropia for illus myopic (mi-op'ik), adjective

axial myopia

Myopia due to elongation of the axis of the eye.

chromic myopia

Color blindness only when viewing distant objects.

curvature myopia

Myopia due to the curvature of the eye's refracting surfaces.

index myopia

Myopia resulting from abnormal refractivity of the media of the eye.

malignant myopia

Progressive myopia leading to retinal detachment and blindness. Synonym: pernicious myopia

pernicious myopia

Malignant myopia.

prodromal myopia

Myopia, seen in incipient cataract, in which reading without glasses becomes possible.

progressive myopia

Myopia that increases steadily during adult life.

space myopia

Myopia occurring when the eye is attempting to focus on an object but all that is visible is a complete noncontrasting material, such as may occur when looking into dense fog (e.g., while piloting an airplane). No image is produced on the retina.

stationary myopia

Myopia that ends after adult growth is attained.

transient myopia

Myopia seen in spasm of accommodation, as in acute iritis or iridocyclitis.
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