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my·op·ic (M),

(mī-op'ik, -ō'pik),
Relating to or suffering from myopia.


Relating to or suffering from myopia.


(mi-o'pe-a) [Gr. myein, to shut, + ops, eye]
An error in refraction in which light rays are focused in front of the retina, enabling the person to see distinctly for only a short distance. A negative (concave) lens of proper strength will correct this condition. Synonym: nearsightedness See: emmetropia for illus myopic (mi-op'ik), adjective

axial myopia

Myopia due to elongation of the axis of the eye.

chromic myopia

Color blindness only when viewing distant objects.

curvature myopia

Myopia due to the curvature of the eye's refracting surfaces.

index myopia

Myopia resulting from abnormal refractivity of the media of the eye.

malignant myopia

Progressive myopia leading to retinal detachment and blindness. Synonym: pernicious myopia

pernicious myopia

Malignant myopia.

prodromal myopia

Myopia, seen in incipient cataract, in which reading without glasses becomes possible.

progressive myopia

Myopia that increases steadily during adult life.

space myopia

Myopia occurring when the eye is attempting to focus on an object but all that is visible is a complete noncontrasting material, such as may occur when looking into dense fog (e.g., while piloting an airplane). No image is produced on the retina.

stationary myopia

Myopia that ends after adult growth is attained.

transient myopia

Myopia seen in spasm of accommodation, as in acute iritis or iridocyclitis.
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When a myopic patient presents and I think they would benefit from a myopia control treatment, I make sure that I use the phase, 'this is my recommendation.
In highly myopic eyes, the earliest changes begin in the choroid; thus, recent studies have focused on the choroid as an important structure involved in the pathophysiology of high myopia.
In the high myopic, mild myopic, and hyperopic groups, no significant difference was found in the macular inner retinal thickness ( P > 0.
In our study 48 patients out of 300 patients studied had myopic astigmatism with average corneal thickness of 512 micrometres (SD 37); comparatively had thinner corneas than other refractive errors.
Peter Ayliffe, CMI President and co-chair of the Commission, said: "We're faced with a ticking time bomb of myopic management in this country, with widespread under-investment in the next generation of leaders.
About 90% of young adults in the East Asian countries of China, Taiwan, and South Korea are myopic, compared to 20-30% in the UK.
I want to ask him, why he and his party is being Myopic about Amit Shah who is the prime evangelist so to say, and prime organizer of all his campaigns and has been accused in three time murder case," said Sibal.
Because most of degeneration is located on the temporal side of the optic nerve the aim of our study was to assess blood flow parameters in temporal short posterior ciliary arteries (tSPCA) depending on the character of degenerative lesions found in the ocular fundus in myopic people.
Researchers in Japan found that myopic maculopathy, a disease of the macula in nearsighted patients, progresses in about four out of 10 myopic eyes.
They force myopic individuals (who are inclined to save less than what is reasonable, given their life expectancy) to save an appropriate amount.
Had she said she also watches the O'Reilly report and listens to Rush Limbaugh, then maybe you could write her reporting is fair and balanced, but not with her myopic, elitist, eastern establishment sources of information and opinions.