myopathology (mīˈ·ō·p·thˑ·l·jē),

n muscular dysfunction. Caused by either reduced nerve supply; weakening the muscles supporting the spine eventually, thus resulting in atrophy; or excess nerve supply, resulting in tight muscles ending in spasms.
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5],[6],[7] However, a muscle biopsy is an invasive test not always accepted by patients and does not always show typical myopathology.
The additions to the checklist suggested by the myopathology community served to take a form that was primarily focused on pediatric disease and make it more inclusive.
An evaluation of the current reporting practices in myopathology is an important initial step to increase the usefulness of muscle-biopsy reporting for both diagnostic and research purposes, particularly as more genetic diagnoses are made in patients with neuromuscular disorders.
Porcine stress syndrome (PSS) is an inherited myopathology in which skeletal muscle contraction, hypermetabolism and an elevation in body temperature are triggered by inhaled anesthetics and environmental stress (SANTORO & FAUCITANO, 1996).
The myopathology of Kocher Debre Semelaigne syndrome: Electromyography, Light- and Electron-Microscopic study.