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Denoting a disorder involving muscular tissue.
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Denoting a disorder involving muscular tissue.
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(mi-op'a-the) [ myo- + -pathy]
Any congenital or acquired muscle disease, marked clinically by focal or diffuse muscular weakness. myopathic (mi?o-path'ik), adjective

centronuclear myopathy

Myopathy in which the muscle fibers resemble those seen in fetal development. The nuclei of the cells are surrounded by a clear zone.
Synonym: myotubular myopathy

critical illness myopathy

Intensive care myopathy.

distal myopathy

Distal muscular dystrophy.

intensive care myopathy

Muscular flaccidity occurring in patients undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses, most often those who have received high doses of steroids, or paralytic drugs, or both. The condition may result in failure to wean the patient from mechanical ventilation. Synonym: critical illness myopathy

myotubular myopathy

Centronuclear myocerosis. See: myocerosis

nemaline myopathy

Congenital nonprogressive weakness, esp. of the proximal muscles. The muscles are thin and resemble rods.

ocular myopathy

Hereditary dystrophy of the extraocular muscles. This may progress to complete paralysis of these muscles.

thyrotoxic myopathy

A progressive muscular weakness and atrophy as a result of hyperthyroidism.
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