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Denoting a disorder involving muscular tissue.


Denoting a disorder involving muscular tissue.


(mi-op'a-the) [ myo- + -pathy]
Any congenital or acquired muscle disease, marked clinically by focal or diffuse muscular weakness. myopathic (mi?o-path'ik), adjective

centronuclear myopathy

Myopathy in which the muscle fibers resemble those seen in fetal development. The nuclei of the cells are surrounded by a clear zone.
Synonym: myotubular myopathy

critical illness myopathy

Intensive care myopathy.

distal myopathy

Distal muscular dystrophy.

intensive care myopathy

Muscular flaccidity occurring in patients undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses, most often those who have received high doses of steroids, or paralytic drugs, or both. The condition may result in failure to wean the patient from mechanical ventilation. Synonym: critical illness myopathy

myotubular myopathy

Centronuclear myocerosis. See: myocerosis

nemaline myopathy

Congenital nonprogressive weakness, esp. of the proximal muscles. The muscles are thin and resemble rods.

ocular myopathy

Hereditary dystrophy of the extraocular muscles. This may progress to complete paralysis of these muscles.

thyrotoxic myopathy

A progressive muscular weakness and atrophy as a result of hyperthyroidism.
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Onset of white striping and progression into wooden breast as defined by myopathic changes underlying Pectoralis major growth.
We believe that the observation of diffused NB in an otherwise nondiagnostic biopsy from an adult myopathic patient may suggest including LOPED in a panel of possible etiologies.
The study suggested that the EMG signals were automatically classified as normal, neurogenic, or myopathic in these methods.
Acute alcoholic myopathy usually reverses within days or weeks of abstinence, whereas chronic myopathic changes usually resolve within 2 to 12 months (Peters et al.
An MRI of the orbit with and without contrast was performed to evaluate for SES versus a myopathic involvement of extraocular muscles.
CK rate was 3 times the normal value and AST and ALT were 2 times the normal value, and the EMG was compatible with a myopathic disorder.
The generation of patient-specific myogenic cells in host animals can be directly used for stem cell-based therapeutic transplantation in DMD and myopathic diseases.
The electromyogram revealed focal muscle irritability, but there was no evidence of a diffuse myopathic disorder.
This outcome suggests that, compared with Bz, high-dose Cur treatment is more capable of down-modulating inflammatory myopathic processes, including leukocyte recruitment, activation of the arachidonic acid pathway and BNP overexpression, triggered in the heart at the beginning of Chagas disease.
A biopsy of quadriceps muscle demonstrated active myopathic changes and perivascular and endomysial mononuclear focal inflammatory infiltrate (Figure 2).
Mtochondrial diseases may affect a single organ--for example, the eye in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON)--or may involve many organs, and they often result in major neurologic and myopathic symptoms.
Some scoliotic conditions do have well-defined, known or primary causes, such as congenital/hemivertebra, myopathic as in the case of scoliosis attributed to muscular dystrophy, neuropathic as found in many spinocerebellar degenerative disorders, and other conditions.