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Denoting a disorder involving muscular tissue.


Denoting a disorder involving muscular tissue.


(mi-op'a-the) [ myo- + -pathy]
Any congenital or acquired muscle disease, marked clinically by focal or diffuse muscular weakness. myopathic (mi?o-path'ik), adjective

centronuclear myopathy

Myopathy in which the muscle fibers resemble those seen in fetal development. The nuclei of the cells are surrounded by a clear zone.
Synonym: myotubular myopathy

critical illness myopathy

Intensive care myopathy.

distal myopathy

Distal muscular dystrophy.

intensive care myopathy

Muscular flaccidity occurring in patients undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses, most often those who have received high doses of steroids, or paralytic drugs, or both. The condition may result in failure to wean the patient from mechanical ventilation. Synonym: critical illness myopathy

myotubular myopathy

Centronuclear myocerosis. See: myocerosis

nemaline myopathy

Congenital nonprogressive weakness, esp. of the proximal muscles. The muscles are thin and resemble rods.

ocular myopathy

Hereditary dystrophy of the extraocular muscles. This may progress to complete paralysis of these muscles.

thyrotoxic myopathy

A progressive muscular weakness and atrophy as a result of hyperthyroidism.


emanating from or pertaining to myopathy.

myopathic syndrome
generalized muscle weakness with fatigue and reduced exercise tolerance.
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The pathogenesis of an absent SCM is unknown, but a genetic cause and inflammatory, vascular, neuropathic, and myopathic events during embryogenesis have been postulated.
Thus any apparent muscle weakness in critically ill patients may be due to neuropathic as well as myopathic factors.
Until recently, this myopathic presentation was felt to be secondary to disuse, rather than a direct effect of Vitamin D on muscle.
12,13 These females showed myopathic features on biopsy.
Shojina Colds, boils, fever, joint pain, shak) English name: gout, hypertension, constipation, Horseradish tree, Drumstick epilepsy, skin eruptions, tree leucoderma, fever, helminthiasis, body ache, tonic, chicken pox, stomach ache, stomach ache due to vomiting, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, sterility, cancer, myopathic spasm, night blindness, inflammation, hernia, cardiovascular disorders, mental disorders, paralysis, tetanus, pain, diabetes, leprosy, conjunctivitis, acidity, rheumatic fever, decreased bile secretion, appetite stimulant, formation of blood clots on skin, frequent urination.
1,2) Due to this clinical picture, much of the literature to date has focused on the respiratory effects and long-term sequelae of infection, (1,4,5,7) however, little is known about myopathic or neurological complications.
Due to the lactic acidosis, with an increase in the lactate / pyruvate ratio, a biopsy of the femoral muscle was performed with optic microscopy that showed: skeletal muscle with diffused reduced diameter fibers (unspecific myopathic alterations) and electron microscopy showed lipid droplets in the muscle fibers, without organelle changes.
Mutations in TK2 and SUCLA2 are responsible for the myopathic form of MDDS (4, 9).
When female children get the disease, they show all myopathic symptoms (Emery, 1998).
However, the EMG of this case showed fibrillation potentials, complex repetitive and myotonic discharges, with motor unit potentials and recruitment pattern abnormalities indicating a myopathic process [14].