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Pertaining to or characterized by the features of a myoma.
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Pertaining to or characterized by the features of a myoma.
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(mi-o'ma) ('ma-ta) plural.myomasmyomata [ myo- + -oma]
A tumor containing muscle tissue. See: chondromyoma; leiomyomamyomatous (-tus), adjective

myoma striocellulare


myoma telangiectoides


myoma uteri

Uterine leiomyoma.
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Immunoreactivities for estrogen receptor (A) and HMB-45 (B) are concentrated in the subepithelial stroma, with focal to patchy staining in the myomatous component.
The nascent myomatous nodes are a rarity with pregnancy.
All the 28 patients came in with intramural and intramural-submucous myomatous legged nodes.
All the 28 patients were done CM, as the prospects of pregnancy progress were dubious due to: rapid growth of myomatous nodes over the course of actual pregnancy, signs of trophopathy of myomatous nodes, absence of positive effects of preserving therapy.
Table 2 shows the rate of pregnancy termination after CM, depending on the main characteristics of myomatous growth.
Among them hyalinisation was the commonly encountered secondary changes similar to the study by Begum S at al [7], and Persaud et al [21], The degenerative changes in leiomyomas occur due to inadequate blood supply which may result in hyalinisation most commonest followed by cystic, myomatous, haemorrhage, hydropic or calcification and very rarely malignant degeneration or leiomyosarcoma.
A pelvic examination suggests an ovarian mass, and ultrasonography (US) reveals a myomatous uterus, thickened endometrium (34 mm), and a left ovarian cyst, with debris, that is 3.5 x 3.4 x 3.9 cm in size.
This "ingenious" technique, developed in the preantibiotic era for removing an infected or cancerous uterus without having to open the endometrial cavity, will turn a very large globular shaped or myomatous uterus into a cylindrical object that can more easily be removed.
Pigmented myomatous neurocristoma of the uterus has been reported, but the source of pigment was considered to be melanocytic blue nevus cells within the leiomyoma not pigmented smooth muscle cells.[57] Do renal angiomyolipoma cells make tyrosinase but fail to make melanin?
'A,' whose hysterectomy for a large myomatous uterus will likely be time-consuming."