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(mi-o'ma) ('ma-ta) plural.myomasmyomata [ myo- + -oma]
A tumor containing muscle tissue. See: chondromyoma; leiomyomamyomatous (-tus), adjective

myoma striocellulare


myoma telangiectoides


myoma uteri

Uterine leiomyoma.
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It is rare to see patients present with exertional dyspnoea caused by a pelvic mass such as uterine myoma without underlying cardiopulmonary disease.
In patients between the ages of 19 and 39 years, you can expect to see AUB brought on by polyps, myomas, pregnancy, polycystic ovary syndrome, oral contraceptives and other hormonal contraception, and endometrial hyperplasia.
Disseminated leiomyomas occurring after laparoscopic morcellation of a myoma is a rare but reported entity.
Literature reports that the incidence of postoperative complications is 1.65-4% including fever bladder injury hemorrhage and intestinal injury trocar site hernia etc.12 In the process of removing uterine and myoma tissues small myoma or endometrial tissue fragments might remain in the abdominal cavity because of the limitation of operative skills and laparoscopic technique which results in the recurrence after surgery and causes a new late postoperative complication.
'When we rinsed the myoma tissue, the progress of the cancer slowed down.
Huang and colleagues confirmed the crucial role of estrogen in the development of iatrogenic parasitic myomas in an experimental model.
Surgical management of POP is reconstructive and obliterative, and it may be performed by the vaginal, abdominal, laparoscopic, or robotic route.[2] The abdominal approach will be preferable in the presence of other abdominal pathology requiring treatment such as an ovarian mass or uterine myomas, or vaginal cavity is already reduced from previous surgery.
The means (SD) for age at myomectomy, number of myomas removed, and myoma size were 34.8 (4.5) years, 3.9 (3.2), and 7.5 (3.0) cm (weight, 191.7 [144.8] g), respectively.