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Relating to a myogram, or the record of a myograph.
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Relating to a myogram, or the record of a myograph.
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(mī′ō-grăf) [″ + graphein, to write]
Instrument for tracing movements caused by muscular contractions.
myographic (mī-ō-grăf′ĭk), adjective
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A compilation of different approaches for assessing the hand gestures by myographic techniques is summarized in Table 3.
Lip and mentalis activity and its influence on incisor position--a quantitative electro myographic study.
Electroneurographic and myographic results showed a severe form of a peripheral axonal neuropathy.
Myographic and electromyographics studies of myasthenia gravis.
A number of engineering and electrical difficulties continued to limit the potential success of this approach, including problems in finding adequately conductive electrode materials and difficulties in improving the low signal-to-noise ratio (e.g., identifying and isolating the very small brain ERPs from the larger electrical and myographic events generated by other body biosystems -- the problem of distinguishing between small pond ripples caused by one pebble from the larger ripples created by wind, rain, and other factors).
In one retrospective chart review in a solo physician, family practice setting, the prevalence and time course of somatic symptoms in 101 depressed patients were compared with 101 age- and sex-matched controls.[26] Among depressed patients, the number of office visits, unexplained pain (eg, headache backache, and pelvic pain) or functional complaints (eg, dizziness, flatulence, and fatigue), symptoms of anxiety, and hospitalization rates (largely for GI, radiologic, and myographic studies) significantly exceeded those of controls from 18 months before to 6 month after depression was diagnosed.
(2005) Inline-skating as a dry land modality for slalom racer selectro myographic and dynamic similarities and differences.