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Proteins extracted from skeletal muscle with cold water, largely the enzymes promoting glycolysis; from the residue, alkaline 0.6 mol L-1 KCl extracts actin and myosin as actomyosin, with myosin further separable into two meromyosins by proteinase treatment.
Synonym(s): myosinogen
[myo- + G. -gen, producing]
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Freytag's 25 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries include serving as Chairman and CEO of Myogen Inc.
Feldman has disclosed he received grant/research support from Encysive Pharmaceuticals; has served as a consultant to United Therapeutics, Encysive, CoTherix, and Actelion; and served on the speakers' bureau of Encysive, Actelion, United Therapeutics, Myogen, and Pfizer.
This year's 'Company of the Year' winner will be announced at the Awards Celebration and join a select group of companies that over the years has included Roche Colorado (2003), Pharmion (2004), Baxa Corporation (2005), Myogen (2006), Allosource (2007), CaridianBCT (2008), Accera (2009), Amgen Colorado (2010) and LABS Inc.
According to the company, Dr Bristow was the principal founder of Myogen biopharmaceutical company and Miragen Therapeutics.
She currently serves on the board of directors of VasoGenix Pharmaceuticals Inc and Chroma Therapeutics, and has previous board experience with Marion Merrell Dow, NexStar Pharmaceuticals, Cell Pathways, Schein, Pharmion, PRA International, Perrigo, Renovis, Myogen, Zosano Pharma, Novacea, Health Shares, Zymogenetics, and Atani.
Weber disclosed that he is a consultant to Myogen Inc., which sponsored the phase II trial.
Weber, who is a consultant to Myogen Inc., which sponsored the phase II trial.
"The completion of patient enrollment in ARIES-2 is an important milestone for ambrisentan and Myogen," said J.
Then in October, after five consecutive quarters without a single traditional IPO (Neurochem began trading on Nasdaq in September but it was already listed on the Toronto exchange), Acusphere (ACUS), Advancis (AVNC), Myogen (MYOG), CancerVax (CNVX) and Genitope (GTOP) made their debut on Nasdaq.
Myogen Inc., which is headquartered in Westminster, filed a registration statement for an IPO of $75 million.
Members come from biotech, economic development and academia, and include Jay Gershen, executive vice chancellor at CU's health Sciences Center and council vice chair; Dave Bengston, head of Amgen's Colorado operations; Richard Duke, president of CERES Pharmaceuticals; William Freytag, Myogen; Kevin Koch, president and CSO of Array BioPharma; Nan Matthews, president of the Colorado Biotechnology Association; and Chris Weatherley-White, chair of Colorado Venture Centers.
Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology and current Director and former Chair of the Children's Hospital Colorado Board of Directors; William Freytag, PhD, former Chairman and CEO of Myogen, Inc.; James C.