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Pertaining or relating to myofibril.


pertaining to a myofibril.

myofibrillar ATPase
muscle enzyme which can be stained histochemically to aid in the differentiation between type I and type II muscle fibers.
myofibrillar hypoplasia
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Determination of contraction rate and metabolism type: Myofibrillar ATPase activity (contraction rate) was measured at 1 hour post mortem, according to the method of Ouali and Valin, (1981).
shows the values of myofibrillar ATPase activity, which correspond to the speed of contraction of the muscle.
Conclusions: According to the enzymatic activity of LDH and myofibrillar ATPase, pHu and the rate of pH decline, the SM and L muscles of this species presented a predominantly glycolytic metabolism and a fast rate of contraction, so they may be considered as fast white muscles".
Hence, denature or structural changes in myofibril would affect myofibrillar ATPase activity, and which could be an indicator of the modification of the actin-myosin interaction and the degree of myofibrillar structure aging (Quali, 1984; Nishiwaki et al.
05) decreased the ash, myofibrillar ATPase activity and emulsifying capacity.
Therefore, lack of androgen in capons may change the myofibril structure or types of myosin that influence myofibrillar ATPase activity and emulsifying capacity of the capon meat.
Myofibrillar ATPase activity of Chinese-style semi-dry sausage as affected by curing time and sugar concentration.