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Pertaining or relating to myofibril.
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In this experiment, HS temperature treatments had no significant effect on sarcoplasmic protein solubility in this study (p>0.05, Table 4), but it significantly affected the myofibrillar protein (p<0.05) and total protein solubility (p<0.01, Table 4).
Different types of proteins (sarcoplasmic protein, myofibrillar protein and myostromin) were prepared by the method described by Chen and Hwang (2002).
FLNC gene trait is usually autosomal dominant, and the FLNC protein plays an essential role in myofibrillar development.
Observations CTL Group CP Group Z Line disorganization (%) 18,3 [+ or -] 10,4 67,25 [+ or -] 8,3 ** Z line dissolution (%) 5,0 [+ or -] 5,0 23,8 [+ or -] 14,7 * Myofibrillar disruption (%) 9,0 [+ or -] 9,6 25,8 [+ or -] 8,5 *
Effect of ice storage on [Ca.sup.2+] ATPase enzyme activity: The [Ca.sup.2+] ATPase enzyme activity is used to evaluate the state of degradation of myofibrillar proteins.
Characterization of muscle sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar protein hydrolysis caused by Lactobacillus plantarum.
Antioxidant activity of peptides obtained from porcine myofibrillar proteins by protease treatment.
This is due to myofibrillar contraction of LECs following transdifferentiation [20].
A great deal of research on muscle food has focused on the myofibrillar protein changes during postmortem storage and processing.
In MmD, associated with recessive mutations, cores are shorter and both type I and type II muscle fibers are involved without a myofibrillar organization.