Muscular degeneration.
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Myodegeneration with fibrosis and regeneration in the pectoralis major muscle of broilers.
Abortion, stillbirth, neonatal death, and nutritional myodegeneration in a rabbit breeding colony.
Thus, the aim of the present study was to determine whether, in addition to myodegeneration previously reported, seeds and pods of S.
"White muscle disease" (WMD), also referred as nutritional myodegeneration or enzootic muscular dystrophy, is a pathological entity caused by Se (ANDERSON et al., 1977) and/or vitamin E deficiency (MAAS et al., 1984).
The parasite targets the adductor muscle and causes progressive myodegeneration. Zoites, the mobile, infective stage of the apicomplexan, were abundant in all muscle tissue, including the adductor muscle, of moderately and heavily infected individuals (Kristmundsson et al.
Frye, "Nutritional myodegeneration associated with vitamin E deficiency and normal selenium status in lambs," Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, vol.
The cause was established in seven of eight cases and included cervical intervertebral disk protrusion, skull fracture, neurogenic atrophy, and dystrophic myodegeneration. The latter condition was considered to be the most likely cause in the three horses that recovered.
Focal myodegeneration was present within the skeletal pectoral musculature.
When the dose is low, the animal develops features of mild liver damage and myodegeneration. At higher doses, hepatic degeneration may be rapidly fatal before myodegeneration has time to develop (14,16,23,24).
Previous histological studies have consistently revealed myodegeneration within the defective muscle.
(1983) report myodegeneration in discolored, flaccid sea scallops adductor muscle; however, other properties of the weak muscle problem, such as those of a biochemical origin, have not been investigated to date.