myocutaneous flap

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1. a mass of tissue for grafting, usually including skin, only partially removed from one part of the body so that it retains its own blood supply during transfer to another site.
2. an uncontrolled movement.
advancement flap sliding flap.
axial pattern flap a myocutaneous flap containing an artery in its long axis.
free flap an island flap detached from the body and reattached at the distant recipient site by microvascular anastomosis.
island flap a flap consisting of skin and subcutaneous tissue, with a pedicle made up of only the nutrient vessels.
jump flap one cut from the abdomen and attached to a flap of the same size on the forearm. The forearm flap is transferred later to some other part of the body to fill a defect there.
myocutaneous flap a compound flap of skin and muscle with adequate vascularity to permit sufficient tissue to be transferred to the recipient site. See also axial pattern flap and random pattern flap.
pedicle flap a flap consisting of the full thickness of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, attached by tissue through which it receives its blood supply. Called also pedicle graft.
random pattern flap a myocutaneous flap with a random pattern of arteries, as opposed to an axial pattern flap.
rope flap tube flap.
rotation flap a local pedicle flap whose width is increased by having the edge distal to the defect form a curved line; the flap is then rotated and a counterincision is made at the base of the curved line, which increases the mobility of the flap.
skin flap a full-thickness mass or flap of tissue containing epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.
sliding flap a flap carried to its new position by a sliding technique; called also advancement flap.
tube flap (tubed pedicle flap) a bipedicle flap made by elevating a long strip of tissue from its bed except at the two extremities, the cut edges then being sutured together to form a tube.
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mus·cu·lo·cu·ta·ne·ous flap

a pedicled skin flap, often an island flap, with attached subjacent muscle, investing fascia, and blood supply.
Synonym(s): myocutaneous flap
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