myocardial depressant factor

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my·o·car·di·al de·pres·sant fac·tor (MDF),

a toxic factor in shock that impairs cardiac contractility; probably a peptide released with underperfusion of the splanchnic area at the release of proteolytic enzymes from the pancreas.
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myocardial depressant factor

Uncertain; a substance allegedly present in the circulation that was once thought to be responsible for a suboptimal cardiac response to burns, shock and other stressing conditions (e.g.,accumulations of lactic acid and other stressants).
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my·o·car·di·al de·pres·sant fac·tor

(MDF) (mī'ō-kahr'dē-ăl dĕ-pres'ănt fak'tŏr)
A toxic factor in shock that impairs cardiac contractility.
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