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"Certainly natural or synthetic compounds that can induce PRDM16 in white fat precursors or in myoblastic cells could have great value in human metabolic disease," the researchers wrote in Nature in 2009.
Based on these cumulative results, in our present study we investigated the mechanism of action of [As.sub.2][O.sub.3] on the morphologic and biochemical differentiation of myoblastic cells in vitro and in an in vivo mouse model with skeletal muscle regeneration after glycerol injury.
Arsenic inhibits myogenic differentiation in myoblastic cells.
[As.sub.2] [O.sub.3] (0.1-0.5 [micro]M) suppressed the expression of MHC in these myoblastic cells.
Culturing HSCs on uncoated plastic plates is known to cause spontaneous activation, leading to myoblastic phenotype, mimicking the process seen in vivo.
Another portion courses ventrally, terminating deep to the platysma myoblastic lamina.
Thus, it can be suggested that DNA blocking in muscle cells, combined with the occurrence of a pool of undifferentiated myogenic cells, is the common feature of the heart muscle in protostomes (the myoblastic mechanism of myogenesis), whereas the cardiomyocytes capable of DNA synthesis developed only in deuterostomians and as early as the emergence of ascidians.
To achieve this, the C2C12 myoblastic cell line was chosen as a suitable in vitro model of skeletal muscle differentiation.
Choy, "Vitamin E potentiates arachidonate release and phospholipase A2 activity in rat heart myoblastic cells," Biochemical Journal, vol.
Granular cell tumor, first described in 1856, has a long history of names (eg, myoblastic myoma) implying putative pathogenesis.
Early suggestions of a myoblastic origin have been discounted, and most investigators currently favor a Schwann cell derivation based on immunohistochemical and electron microscopic findings.[1]