my·lo·hy·oid (mus·cle)

muscle of floor of mouth; origin, mylohyoid line of mandible; insertion, upper border of hyoid bone and raphe separating muscle from its fellow; action, elevates floor of mouth and the tongue, depresses jaw when hyoid is fixed; nerve supply, nerve to mylohyoid from mandibular division of trigeminal.
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The angles curl laterally, and the lingual face presents only a small mylohyoideus groove.
However, a dysfunction of the trigeminal nerve, whose mandibular branch innervates the mylohyoideus muscles, (5) or a dysfunction of the hypoglossal nerve which innervates, among others, the cricohyoideus, ceratoglossus muscle, and hypoglossus muscles (5) were considered in the differential diagnosis.
mylohyoideus Mandibula on Hyoid kemik Agiz acma ic yuz Yutkunma sirasinda dili yukari kaldirma M.