mylohyoid ridge

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my·lo·hy·oid line

a ridge on the inner surface of the mandible running from a point inferior to the mental spine upward and backward to the ramus behind the last molar tooth; it gives attachment to the mylohyoid muscle and the lowermost part of the superior constrictor of the pharynx.
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mylohyoid ridge

The line of attachment on the medial aspect of the body of the mandible for the mylohyoid muscle, which forms the floor of the mouth.
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in·ter·nal ob·lique ridge

(in-tĕrnăl ō-blēk rij)
A bony linear projection found on inner surface of mandible extending downward from the ramus and ending near the apices of the mandibular molars; serves as a site of attachment for the mylohyoid muscle of the floor of the mouth.
Synonym(s): mylohyoid ridge.
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