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Relating to or affected by myelitis.
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Relating to or affected by myelitis.
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(mi-e-li'tis) [? + itis, inflammation]
1. Inflammation of the spinal cord, resulting from either an infection (e.g., a viral or bacterial infection) or a noninfectious necrosing or demyelinating lesion of the cord. Patients often exhibit flaccid limb paralysis, incontinence, weakness or numbness of the limbs, and other symptoms. See: poliomyelitis
2. Inflammation of bone marrow. See: osteomyelitismyelitic (mi-el-it'ik), adjective

acute myelitis

Myelitis that develops rapidly, that is, in hours or days. Myelitis of rapid onset is more likely to be reversible than chronic or slowly developing inflammation of the spinal cord.

acute ascending myelitis

Myelitis that moves progressively upward in the spinal cord.

acute transverse myelitis

An acute form of myelitis involving the entire thickness of the spinal cord, developing, for example, subsequent to injury to the spinal cord.

bulbar myelitis

Myelitis involving the medulla oblongata.

central myelitis

Inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord.

compression myelitis

Myelitis caused by pressure on the spinal cord, as by a hemorrhage or tumor.

descending myelitis

Myelitis affecting successively lower areas of the spinal cord.

disseminated myelitis

Inflammation of several separate areas of the spinal cord.

focal myelitis

Myelopathy of small areas of the spinal cord.

hemorrhagic myelitis

Myelitis with hemorrhage.

sclerosing myelitis

Myelopathy wherein there is hardening of the spinal cord.

transverse myelitis

Myelitis involving the whole thickness of the spinal cord, but limited longitudinally.

traumatic myelitis

Myelitis due to spinal cord injury.
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