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The phospholipid-protein of the cell membranes of Schwann cells (peripheral nervous system) and oligodendrocytes (central nervous system) that forms the myelin sheath of neurons. It acts as an electrical insulator and increases the velocity of impulse transmission. Another difference between central and peripheral myelin sheaths is that a single oligodendroglial cell can put out many tongues of cell membrane and form separate myelin sheaths for many different axons, whereas each Schwann cell ensheaths only one axon. See: neuron for illus
myelinic (mi-el-in'ik), adjective
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Q. What is Myelin?

A. As part of the nervous system, myelin lines nerve fibers to protect and insulate neurons. Myelin aids in the quick and accurate transmission of electrical current carrying data from one nerve cell to the next. When myelin becomes damaged, the process involves numerous health conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

Dysfunction in the myelin of nerve fibers causes the interruption of smooth delivery of information. Either nerve impulses can be slowed, such that we can't pull our hand away in time to avoid being burned, or mixed up, so we aren't able to determine if a pan is hot in the first place. This is akin to a pet chewing on a wire, causing the device to dysfunction. When problems arise in nerves of the PNS, neuropathy might result, and when injury affects the nerves of the CNS, multiple sclerosis is often diagnosed.

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