mycolic acids

my·col·ic ac·ids

(mī-kol'ik as'idz),
Long-chain cyclopropanecarboxylic acids (C19-C21), further substituted by long-chain (C24-C30) alkanes containing free hydroxyl groups, found in certain bacteria; these waxy substances appear to be responsible for the acid-fastness of the bacteria that contain them.
Synonym(s): mykol
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Valle, Synthesis and biological aspects of mycolic acids: an important target against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Scientific World J, 8, 720 (2008).
The slide was then covered with carbolfuchsin (1%) and heated to enable the dye to bind the cell wall mycolic acids of the bacterium.
Considering the fact that primary target of INH involves inhibition of mycolic acids synthesis [5, 8-11], understanding other classes of lipid compositional changes in MTB upon INH treatment may further help in identification of potential novel targets.
The unique characteristic of mycolic acids in Dietzia may indicate a novel fatty biosynthesis [26].
Activated isoniazid interferes with the biosynthesis of essential mycolic acids through inhibition of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydrogen (NADH) dependent enoylacyl carrier protein reductase, which is encoded by inhA promoter.
Gal-3 has also been demonstrated to bind lipooligosaccharides from Neisseria gonorrhoeae [46] and mycolic acids from mycobacteria [47].
Furthermore, these observations could also be due to the fact that mycobacteria have unique cell envelope known as mycomembrane comprising mycolic acids which are known to govern pathogenicity of mycobacteria and that iron deprivation may possibly affect mycolic acid synthesis as well.
Saturated fatty acids with no mycolic acids were detected using gas chromatograpy.
Lepromatous leprosy patients produce antibodies that recognise nonbilayer lipid arrangements containing mycolic acids. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz, 2012; 107: 95-103.
These mycolic acids, along with free lipids, create a hydrophobic effect.