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Candida tropicalis var tropicalis

A fungus that is an opportunistic pathogen in patients with impaired innate immunity, bone marrow transplantation or neoplasia, especially associated with surgery or indwelling devices, and accompanied by multidrug resistance.
Clinical conditions
Endocarditis, meningitis, osteomyelitis, pneumonia, spondylodiscitis, rupture of hollow organs (e.g., stomach, bladder).

1. Ascomycota.
2. Saccharomycotina.
3. Saccharomycetes.
4. Saccharomycetidae.
5. Saccharomycetales.
6. Candida.
7. Candida tropicalis.


(mi?ko-der'ma) [Gr. mykos, mucus, + derma, skin] Mucous membrane.
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Alcohol ferments, if left in contact with the air, inevitably become home to bacteria of the genus Acetobacter and aerobic yeasts, called Mycoderma aceti, that consume alcohol and transform it into acetic acid.
About the same time, he discovered that the pellicle that is necessary in the formation of vinegar from wine consists of a rod-like microorganism, Mycoderma aceti.