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muscular pain.
epidemic myalgia epidemic pleurodynia.
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(mī-al'jē-ă), Avoid the jargonistic use of the plural form myalgias in the sense of 'episodes or zones of muscular aching'.
Muscular pain.
Synonym(s): myodynia
[G. mys, muscle, + algos, pain]
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Pain or tenderness in one or more muscles.

my·al′gic (-jĭk) adj.
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Muscular pain.
Synonym(s): myodynia.
[G. mys, muscle, + algos, pain]
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Muscle pain, especially if persistent and associated with a long-term (chronic) muscle disorder. Myalgia is a feature of POLYMYOSITIS, DERMATOMYOSITIS and POLYMYALGIA RHEUMATICA. See also epidemic myalgia (BORNHOLM DISEASE).
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Muscular pain or tenderness, typically of a diffuse and/or nonspecific nature.
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Muscular pain.
[G. mys, muscle, + algos, pain]
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Patient discussion about myalgia

Q. I was looking up muscle pains, because for a while I’ve been having muscle pain and weight gain, and headaches So I was looking up muscle pains, because for a while I’ve been having muscle pain and weight gain, and headaches, and joint stiffness, the pains been unbearable at times. But the symptoms fit, fatigue muscle pain, that is said to be throbbing aching, sharp pain, its all their. But can it cause short attention spans? If so that could be my mystery diagnosis that the doctors have been trying to figure out.

A. FMS does cause cognitive issue--called fibro fog. But fibro itself does not cause weight gain--it could be thyroid--but be sure that you go to a thyroid expert--thyroid tests have gotten false negative.

Q. I have burning knotted painful muscles how can I get relief? I have had chronic pain in my muscles for over 8 yrs and so far no Dr or medicine has really helped. I take hydrocodone to ease the pain and alprazolam to ease the frustration. I never have received a diagnosis other than one Dr said I probably had fibro. This pain and burning has ruined my life.

A. have you tried Yoga? it increases your flexibility an does wonderful things to your muscles. as you may already know, muscles best function when the are strong and long, Yoga will help you with that.
i know couple of Fibromyalgia patients that does it and it ease the pain and weakness. it also relaxing (to deal with the anxiety).
it'll take about 2 months to see improvement- but it will be.

please let me know if you started and how it goes!

Q. Can anybody help me by giving some ideas that how to treat Fibromyalgia? I trust my doctor too. I am Devontae 25 years old. Few months back I had muscular pain and after taking medicines I felt better, but now again the pain started which made me to consult a doctor few days back and he said that I have Fibromyalgia. So can anybody help me by giving some ideas that how to treat Fibromyalgia? I trust my doctor too.

A. The medications help, I take tramadol and cataflam b/c I can't take Lyrica. I walk a little everyday and I have learned to deal with my limitations...on good days I do what I can and on "fibro" days(bad days)
I try to rest and do what I can without making myself hurt worse. I have balance problems, pain and chronic fatigue but I accept what i can and can not do. That was very hard for me but accepting it has made my life less stressful which in turn helps me deal better and feel better. When I stress my body reacts and it isn't nice! I can't handle temp changes very well so I have learned to adapt to that. Warm baths, resting durning the day, little things that i have learned helps. We all seem to have times we feel better and times we feel rock bottom \, know this is a part of it and learn to adjust. I beleive fibromyalgia is a "learning" experience and you have to do A LOt of trail and error!
Support, a positive attitude and my faith have helped me along with

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