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To lose blood as a result of rupture or severance of blood vessels.
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1. To lose blood as a result of rupture or severance of blood vessels.
2. To take or remove blood from.
An instance of bleeding.
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Molecular biology noun See Gel penetration
Surgery noun An episode of haemorrhage
verb-passive To emit blood; to lose blood—e.g., the arm bleeds
verb-active To let blood
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noun Surgery Traditionally used as a verb, 'bleed' has acquired nominative status in the highly popular synonym for an 'episode of hemorrhage' verb-active To emit blood; to lose blood, eg, the arm bleeds, to bleed at the nose verb-passive To let blood; as, Dr. Q. Wack bleeds Pts with fever. See Herald bleed.
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To lose blood as a result of rupture or severance of blood vessels.
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Patient discussion about bleed

Q. Hi, I´m bleeding when I pee,suggestions? I´m 42 years old,and I had a lot of pain days ago just like before when I had a kidney stone and now I´m bleeding when I pee but I don´t know if could be a different problem

A. Thanks everybody, I´m taking care of the problem, all of you are very nice, God bless you.

Q. Can acupuncture cause bleeding? I’m thinking to try acupuncture for back pain I have for many months (long story, so far nothing helped), but I’m afraid it’ll cause bruises and bleeding – last week when the nurse draw blood from my arm she left a green sign that lasted almost a week. Is it dangerous? Can it cause infection?

A. Has blood drawing ever caused an infection? The same way, if the new and sterile needles are used, the risk is very low.

Take care

Q. My husband has a very small mole that was cut.We can not seem to get it to stop bleeding. Any suggestions? tried a shaving pencil, and band-aids of every size. Just will not stop bleeding.

A. In this case, you should go see the doctor who took the mole out, or any dermatologist actually, that can burn the spot a little bit to help it stop bleeding.

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