mutational frequency

mu·ta·tion·al fre·quen·cy

the proportions of mutations in a population.
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The demographic details are presented along with the mutational frequency of the EGFR gene (Tables 1 and 2).
In alcohol habituals, the mutational frequency of SNPs was 75.
The mutational frequency of the genotypes is presented in Table 4.
The mutational frequency observed among cases and controls was significant and showed an association with disease state.
37 The hobnail cell type, characterized by cytoplasmic protrusions and a tadpole or hobnail appearance, shows a low TP53 mutational frequency, mainly of spontaneous transition type at CpG nucleotides.
39,41) These clinicopathologic observations, accompanied by our findings of a high mutational frequency for EGFR, may explain the dramatic responses to gefitinib in lung adenocarcinomas with diffuse micronodular intrapulmonary metastasis.
The 36% frequency was similar to the KRAS mutational frequency observed in other studies.