mustard oil

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mus·tard oil

(mŭs'tărd oyl),
Term applied to any of the organic isothiocyanates in general, but more specifically to allyl isothiocyanate; such oils are metabolically convertible to thiocyanates and may thus lead to goiter.
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In one instance, two soldiers were told to clean a very large drum that had contained mustard oil. They carried out the task even though their protective rubber suits had not yet arrived in Midland, and soon they experienced vapor burns.
Serve hot with a salad of rocket leaves and a drizzle of mustard oil over the top.
Serve hot with a salad of rocket leaves and drizzle of mustard oil over the top.
Yuvraj consumes nearly 20 litres of milk, 5 kg apple, 250 gm mustard oil and nearly 4 kg of quality cattle feed daily.
Stir in mustard oil. Season with salt, pepper, and additional mustard oil.
The result indicated that the Rocket seed oil was the most effective followed by coconut oil, sesame oil and mustard oil which resulted in low egg laying and reduced adult emergence.
It was then that I learnt they cook food in coconut and mustard oil which gives out this terrible stench.
it's comfort food to me." Ingredients: serves 4 shallots /4 large fennel 2 limes /2 tbsps fresh coriander 2 tbsps mustard oil /2 tbsps vegetable oil /2 garlic cloves /2 red 4 tomatoes /4 tbsps coriander salt & black pepper SALAD: Peel and finely slice and fennel bulbs and put in bowl.
* Follow Vishal on twitter @vishdlish Spicy Garlic Pickle Makes 8 servings Ingredients * 1 ' cup garlic gloves * 1 tbsp dried chilli flakes * ' cup mustard oil * 2 tsp salt * - cup white vinegar * 1 tsp turmeric powder * ' tsp cumin seeds * - tsp fennel seeds * ' tsp nigella seeds * ' tsp black mustard seeds * 1 tsp sugar * 1 tbsp dried coriander leaves Method Put the mustard oil in a large saucepan and place over a medium heat.
20 September 2011 - Rating agency ICRA has cut the long-term rating on Indian mustard oil producer Singh Industries Pvt Ltd's bank limits to D from LB+ as the company has failed to repay debt on time.
The average prices of other food items also increased nationwide, including mong pulse (13 percent), basmati rice (4 percent), salt powder (9 percent), garlic (6 percent), pulse mash (8 percent), red chili powder (14 percent), coriander (7 percent), green tea (23 percent), mustard oil (7 percent), desi ghee (3 percent), and fresh milk, vegetable ghee and oil (1 percent each) in June as compared to May.
The study by Canadian and Dutch scientists involved lab mice being injected with acetic acid, mustard oil and a chemical to trigger cystitis.