mustard gas

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mus·tard gas (HD),

a poisonous vesicating gas introduced in World War I; it is the progenitor of the so-called nitrogen mustards; used in chemical warfare; a known carcinogen.
Synonym(s): di, mustard (2) , sulfur mustard

mustard gas

a poisonous gas used in chemical warfare during World War I. It causes corrosive destruction of the skin and mucous membranes, often resulting in permanent respiratory damage and death.
One of a class of cytotoxic, vesicant chemical warfare agents which form large blisters on exposed skin and respiratory tract mucosa. In addition to vesicle formation, mustard gas is mutagenic and carcinogenic and stores long term in fat.

mus·tard gas

(mŭs'tărd gas)
A commonly used term for the vesicating chemical-warfare agent sulfur mustard, even though sulfur mustard is usually encountered as a solid, a liquid, or a vapor and does not boil until 217°C (423°F).


an irritant compound derived from the dried ripe seed of Brassica (Sinapis) alba, B. nigra or B. juncea. Contains toxic allyl isothiocyanate in nontoxic glycoside form, though the plant also contains myrosinase, an enzyme that converts the glycoside to the toxic form. Used as a carminative, emetic and counterirritant in poultices.

mustard gas
one of several gases used in military activities, e.g. dichlorodiethylsulfide. Causes vesication of skin, blindness due to corneal damage, and pulmonary edema if inhaled.
mustard greens
green foliage of several mustard-type plants, used in salads.
mustard oil
present in high concentrations in mustard plants and causes acute indigestion in animals.
mustard oil glucosinolates
toxic oil glucosinolates found in plants.
sulfur mustard
a synthetic compound with vesicant and other toxic properties.
tansy mustard
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A short time after he returned and slipped his shoe on, Roos' foot began to swell and show signs of mustard gas burns.
He said Iran had swiftly deployed medical teams, field hospitals and protective clothing once it had identified mustard gas as the cause of the mysterious symptoms of early victims.
At Tooele alone, there are 6,400 one-ton containers of mustard gas that are being analyzed for mercury contamination.
If a gassed Kurd wants to call sarin or mustard gas a "weapon of mass destruction," I won't argue the point, nor would I push the issue with someone dying after an attack with militarized anthrax.
In September 2002, in Samukawa, a road construction crew struck a buried cache of bottles containing mustard gas and lewisite near a residential area.
And it's not mustard gas, it's a really strong antihistamine.
Doctors who treated survivors reported that Iraq had used both mustard gas and a flesh-eating mycotoxin called T-2 -- more commonly known as "Yellow Rain.
Politicians and military leaders in Europe were well aware of the effects of the deadliest of these chemicals, mustard gas.
Buried chemical agents including arsenic and other toxins such as mustard gas were found in Washington, in the Spring Valley neighborhood and the grounds of American University.
All 12,000 inhabitants of the town of Vimy had to be evacuated after shells containing mustard gas and other toxins began to break up - turning it into a ghost town.
Just three weeks ago, we revealed how Government scientists there tortured pigs by burning their skin with mustard gas.