musician's earplugs

mu·si·cian's ear·plugs

(myū-zish'ănz ēr'plŭgz)
Custom-fitted earplugs that attenuate all frequencies evenly in relation to normal hearing sensitivity; allow musicians to hear music at levels below the damage-risk level without sacrificing sound quality; must be fitted by a licensed hearing health care professional.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Previously, musicians resisted wearing earplugs at the risk of a less than optimal performance, but modern musician's earplugs, acoustic shields, screens, and baffles are now widely accepted.
Wearing musician's earplugs may limit this," he says.
Break up your exposure to high decibels: ensure that ten minutes of every hour in a club or at a concert is spent with as little noise as possible and use musician's earplugs.
Effects of musician's earplugs and protective headgear on localization ability in the horizontal plane.
What are the effects, individually, of the Kevlar helmet, the E-A-R earplug (Aearo Co.), and the Etymotic ER25 musician's earplug on localization performance in the horizontal plane?
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