musician's cramp

mu·si·cian's cramp

an occupational dystonia, affecting those who play musical instruments, and named usually according to the instrument played.
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An overuse syndrome presenting as hand and/or forearm dystonia caused by playing golf
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Taskin Ibna Ali, 31, suffered from focal hand dystonia, or "musician's cramp", which meant he lost 80 per cent of the precise dexterity in his left hand.
Patients may be awake during neurosurgical procedures for musician's cramp.
As far back as the late 1800s, physicians had added musician's cramp to the list of other occupational injuries (writer's cramp and telegrapher's cramp) being treated at the time.
Concert pianists and guitarists whose careers have been ruined by an incurable form of "musician's cramp" were offered new hope yesterday.
Similar focal dystonias have also been called typist's cramp, pianist's cramp, musician's cramp, and golfer's cramp.