rectus femoris muscle

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rec·tus fe·mo·ris mus·cle

(rek'tŭs fem'ŏr-is mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, anterior inferior spine of ilium and upper margin of acetabulum; insertion, via common tendon of quadriceps femoris into patella, and via patellar ligament to tibial tuberosity.
Synonym(s): musculus rectus femoris [TA] , rectus muscle of thigh.
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rectus femoris muscle

Thigh muscle. Origin: anterior inferior iliac spine, upper edge of acetabulum. Insertion: tibial tuberosity (via the patellar ligament). Nerve: femoral (L2-L4). Action: extends leg, flexes thigh.
See: leg for illus. (Muscles of the leg)
See also: muscle
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The statistical landmarks of indicators musculus rectus femoris left and right between the tribal and post tests to sample Group muscle Variables Tests triball Mean Std.

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