orbicular muscle

(redirected from musculus orbicularis)

or·bic·u·lar mus·cle

a sphincterlike sheet of muscle that encircles an orifice such as the mouth or the palpebral fissures.
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orbicular muscle

A muscle encircling an opening.
See also: muscle
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In addition, there were neurogenic involvement findings in the musculus orbicularis oculi and musculus orbicularis oris.
Electromyography (EMG) showed lower compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitude on the left facial nerve compared with the right side (facial nerve CMAP amplitude recording on musculus nasalis was 1.8 mV on the right and 0.7 mV on the left; facial nerve CMAP amplitude recording on musculus orbicularis oculi was 1.1 mV on the right and 0.2 mV on the left).
In addition, muscle fibers showing denervation in the musculus orbicularis oris, which is a circular muscle, can act as an additional stimulus for the contralateral facial nerve to show axonal regenerative changes (1).

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