longissimus (muscle)

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lon·gis·si·mus (mus·cle)

the intermediate division of the erector spinae muscle having three subdivisions: longissimus capitis muscle, longissimus cervicis muscle, and longissimus thoracis muscle.
Synonym(s): musculus longissimus [TA]
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Assessment of the inhibitory activity of peptide extracts from Hanwoo musculus longissimus on angiotensin I-converting enzyme.
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Therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate the effect of linseed oil, inulin and horse chestnut added to a high fat (HF) diet fed to pigs on the content of FAs in the musculus Longissimus dorsi.
At the end of the experiment, the pigs were slaughtered, and the samples from the musculus Longissimus dorsi (MLD) were taken from the right half-carcass at the level of the last rib.
The samples of Musculus longissimus dorsi from the left side of carcasses were taken and packed by vacuum packaging.
There is limited information available on the relationships between ultimate pH and other meat quality traits on musculus longissimus lumborum et thoracis.
On the other hand, differences in Warner-Bratzler shear force of musculus longissimus lumborum et thoracis between different pure breeds were observed to be statistically significant (Jelenikova et al., 2008).
Expression differences in EDG1 have been previously reported between a high-marbled steer group and a low-marbled steer group in musculus longissimus muscle across all ages (Sasaki et al., 2006).

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