muscles of back

(redirected from musculi dorsi)

mus·cles of back

the muscles of the back in general, including the thoracoappendicular muscles attaching the shoulder girdle to the trunk posteriorly, the posterior serratus muscles, and the erector spinae and transversospinalis muscles.
Synonym(s): musculi dorsi [TA], dorsal muscles
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Active isotonic and isometric strengthening exercises were prescribed to strengthen the frontal abdominal muscles (musculus obliquus externus abdominis, musculus obliquus internus abdominis, musculus rectus abdominis), deep abdominal muscles (musculus psoas major, musculus psoas minor, musculus iliacus, musculus quadratum lumbarum), and back muscles (musculi dorsi, musculus erector spinae, musculi transverso-spinales, musculi inter-spinales, musculi intertransversarii).