muscular tension

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muscular tension

Condition of a muscle in which fibers tend to shorten and thus perform work or liberate heat.
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Q. what sort of diet should I take to tone up my muscle and to lose fat in my body? Is steroid a good idea?

A. as williams41 say- it's a BAD idea... steroids wil damage your body immune system and can get you more prone to bacterial/virus/fungal attacks. it also have unhealthy side effects that one of them is distribution of fat in the face area that can be unpleasant. so consider your steps...

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The quotient between the fourth ([T.sub.4]) and first ([T.sub.1]) muscular tensions generated by train-of-four (TOF) stimulus (2.00 Hz during 2.00 s) applied on motor nerve is [TOF.sub.ratio] (T4/T1).
This patient's initial symptoms were high fever and changes of consciousness followed by decreased muscular tension of the limbs without typical hydrophobic symptoms.
However, the new Beetle offers entirely new proportions to its predecessor 84mm wider, 12mm lower and 152mm longer -- that gives it a powerful appearance with muscular tension. The new Beetle will be available in a range of styles and colours solid, metallic, pearl and two tone sunroof (with black ceiling) shades and a range of special colours including Denim Blue, Saturn Yellow and Tornado Red.
It is often accompanied by restlessness, fatigue, problems in concentration, and muscular tension. Holistic is the idea that natural systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic, etc.) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not as collections of parts.
The area of repetition [duration.sup.2] and use of explosive lifting has been equivocal with regard to strength gains, although previous recommendations have suggested a velocity that maintains muscular tension throughout the range of movement (61), (75).
Another avenue worth considering is chronic muscular tension, particularly in the neck and shoulders.
This 'digging in' relieves the muscular tension. Repeat several times a day for maximum relief."
It is claimed that when these points are pressed correctly, it will help release muscular tension and promote blood circulation.
Tanacetum is less effective for headaches that are triggered by hormonal stress, or muscular tension.
Based on 1,300 years of Japanese-style acupressure massage, On-Site massage is designed to relax clients by de-stressing and relieving general muscular tension, leading them to feel revitalised.