muscular tension

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muscular tension

Etymology: L, musculus + tendere, to stretch
the force that results from muscular contractions. Internal tension is produced when cross-bridges form between the actin and myosin filaments within each muscle fiber. The force generated by these contractile elements is transmitted to the bones via tendons and connective tissue. The bones move and produce external tension.

muscular tension

Condition of a muscle in which fibers tend to shorten and thus perform work or liberate heat.
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Patient discussion about muscular tension

Q. what sort of diet should I take to tone up my muscle and to lose fat in my body? Is steroid a good idea?

A. as williams41 say- it's a BAD idea... steroids wil damage your body immune system and can get you more prone to bacterial/virus/fungal attacks. it also have unhealthy side effects that one of them is distribution of fat in the face area that can be unpleasant. so consider your steps...

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The singer is ready for scales once the vowels are open, vibrant, and free from interfering muscular tension.
From the evidence presented it appears that muscular tension is a necessity in stimulating hypertrophic gains.
Diagnosis - Stress/anxiety-related muscular tension that extends to the muscular layer of the vasculature.
According to the American Psychological Association (APA), in 2008, 53 percent of people surveyed reported fatigue, 47 percent reported headaches, 35 percent reported upset stomach, and 34 percent reported muscular tension as a result of stress.
The purpose of this article is to argue that the same data and data language used to establish the concept that tension is reflexive or is a respondent can be reinterpreted to unequivocally demonstrate that muscular tension is an instrumental or operant behavior.
Strategies that aim to lower perceived muscular tension may only be effective for lowering or eliminating WRNP for those workers who perceive muscular tension in the neck several times per week.
Opening the bathroom door, I discovered a glass-fronted chamber billowing out aromatic steam, a sunken bath studded with jets programmed to blast away any known muscular tension and, most intriguingly of all, a gleaming white pod.
The therapy addressed patient beliefs and fears about sleep, and the progressive relaxation techniques aimed to teach patients to control muscular tension via exercises.
A VALIUM (or diazepam) is frequently given out in an attempt to help relax any muscular tension.
This involves personal memory and cultural grounding, as well as perception and sensory experience; sense in this instance notably including the expanded notion of hapticity, regarding touch, muscular tension, spatial compression and expansion, and awareness of temperature and humidity.
Immerse yourself in Soothing Oil, a blend of frankincense, lavender and myrrh, or wash away muscular tension with Fitness Oil, containing rose geranium and rosemary.
The smooth, satin-finished cards contain preparatory movements for more advanced Pilates work; stretching to release muscular tension, enhance the feeling of well-being and prevent cramping and exhaustion during workouts as well as more advanced progressive exercises, some of which require considerable body strength.