muscular power

mus·cu·lar pow·er

(mŭs'kyū-lăr pow'ĕr)
Ability of muscles to produce force in or at a given time.
References in classic literature ?
They are inferior also in muscular power and activity, and in game qualities and appearance, to their hard-riding brethren of the prairies.
How many of them are aware of the important physiological truth, that the muscular power of a man is no fair guarantee of his vital power?
But although Hop-Frog, through the distortion of his legs, could move only with great pain and difficulty along a road or floor, the prodigious muscular power which nature seemed to have bestowed upon his arms, by way of compensation for deficiency in the lower limbs, enabled him to perform many feats of wonderful dexterity, where trees or ropes were in question, or any thing else to climb.
Sir Henry's strength had done it, and never did muscular power stand a man in better stead.
The ant is strong, but we saw another strong thing, where we had not suspected the presence of much muscular power before.
It is observable that when people upon the stage are in any strait involving the very last extremity of weakness and exhaustion, they invariably perform feats of strength requiring great ingenuity and muscular power.
Esam Khttak, president Ibex Club, said rock climbing and wall-climbing are wonderful activities that strengthen the physical and muscular power of the youth, and to remain in shape.
The Vantage name has been around for seven decades and the Warwickshire car maker is describing the latest version as the ultimate in style and muscular power.
It's on sale early next year and the company is describing it as the ultimate in style and muscular power.
Conventional wisdom has taught all athletes it's important to stretch, but static stretching (stretch-and-hold movement) can actually decrease muscular power and efficiency.
The specific physical elements of the fencing skills on topics as (legs and arms muscular power, motor speed, agility, balance, flexibility, accuracy and coordination).