muscular power

mus·cu·lar pow·er

(mŭs'kyū-lăr pow'ĕr)
Ability of muscles to produce force in or at a given time.
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References in classic literature ?
They are inferior also in muscular power and activity, and in game qualities and appearance, to their hard-riding brethren of the prairies.
How many of them are aware of the important physiological truth, that the muscular power of a man is no fair guarantee of his vital power?
But although Hop-Frog, through the distortion of his legs, could move only with great pain and difficulty along a road or floor, the prodigious muscular power which nature seemed to have bestowed upon his arms, by way of compensation for deficiency in the lower limbs, enabled him to perform many feats of wonderful dexterity, where trees or ropes were in question, or any thing else to climb.
Sir Henry's strength had done it, and never did muscular power stand a man in better stead.
The ant is strong, but we saw another strong thing, where we had not suspected the presence of much muscular power before.
It is observable that when people upon the stage are in any strait involving the very last extremity of weakness and exhaustion, they invariably perform feats of strength requiring great ingenuity and muscular power. Thus, a wounded prince or bandit chief, who is bleeding to death and too faint to move, except to the softest music
This is due to caffeine's ability to increase muscular power output by assisting in the release of calcium as well as helping your body burn more fat as a fuel source.
It's a bruiser of a piece, but she had it under absolute control: walls of steel-grey tone lit by distant flashes of lightning, transparent pools of eerie calm, and a final fugue handled with the formal command and muscular power of a Soviet ballet dancer.
Players' reaction, speed and pace, muscular power, judgment, susceptibility to injury and even endurance are all affected by fatigue, and always towards the negative side of the scale.And I presume that the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations will be greatly shaped by the performance of the players who were on duty on Saturday in Madrid in the Uefa Champions League.
In order to develop a high level of muscular power during CON contractions, one should strive for maximally dynamic performance of the ECC phase.
About Kashmir dispute, the former Indian Army's General said use of force could not solve the Kashmir dispute, and India would eventually come to give up the muscular power in Occupied Kashmir.
We didn't know how to carry the information side of things but Pakistan has done it extremely well."Blamingthe Modi administration for the February 15 suicide attack inoccupied Kashmir, the former Indian Army's General added the use of force could not solve the Kashmir dispute, and India would eventually come to give up the muscular power in Occupied Kashmir.