muscular movement

mus·cu·lar move·ment

movement caused by the contraction of the myofibrils of the muscle cells.
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He offered to draw her toward him again, but it was no more than a tentative muscular movement of the girdling arm, for he feared that he might be greedy.
His muscular movements sliding each into the next like so much silk of tawny hide, he struck at the obstacle that confronted his way.
But many of these misdeeds were like the subtle muscular movements which are not taken account of in the consciousness, though they bring about the end that we fix our mind on and desire.
He was learning to calculate his own muscular movements, to know his physical limitations, to measure distances between objects, and between objects and himself.
As the man suffers from muscular dystrophy, a disease that distorts muscular movement, he asked his uncle to take the phone from the hand as soon as it started heating.
He further argues there is no evidence of what caused the accident and that his manner, appearance, speech and muscular movement easily could have been attributable to the impact of the accident rather than to intoxication.
"The lymphatic system is not mechanically controlled by the body, and therefore has to rely on muscular movement, blood circulation and the nervous system, to assist circulation around the body," Rima adds.
They lived in western Brazil around 550 million years ago and are thought be among the first organisms capable of muscular movement.
I lived in that world (and I I remain from it and of it to this day) in the late 1950s and early 1960s when Arabs had a dream to dream, when they struggled for the emergence of the "Arab nation" (remember that quaint term coined by the era?), a vision imbued with moral optimism, defined by a zestful, muscular movement called pan-Arabism, whose goal was to unite the peoples of the region by one ideology within a single territorial homeland.
Why such a minuscule muscular movement can alleviate a world of frustration and anger and defuse even the biggest imminent temper tantrum.
One officer, Roger Haigh, said he felt a slight movement when checking Gary's neck for a pulse, but couldn't be sure if it was a twitch or muscular movement, rather than a sign of a heartbeat.
Works by composers who had neural afflictions will be highlighted, as well as delightfully rhythmic music of stage and screen to demonstrate to the audience the ease of muscular movement along with rhythmic stimulus.

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