muscular hypertonicity

muscular hypertonicity,

n chronic contraction of a muscle in response to genetic, mechanical, chemical, or psychologic stressors. Increased tonus results in a shortened, tight muscle.
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Muscular hypertonicity caused by muscular tonicity dysregulation of the central genesis underlies orthopedic pathologies in infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP) (Bosykh, 2003; Yavorskiy et al.
This syndrome is a spectrum of clinical findings ranging from milder symptoms such as tremors or restlessness to hyperthermia and muscular hypertonicity.
Though not an end in itself, muscular hypertonicity reduction in patients with spastic ICP forms is important since elimination and considerable reduction of its effect as a key factor of development of contractures would allow achieving functional improvement in the patients (Kojevnikova, 2005; Doris Valencia Valencia, 2009).