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The control muscone was purchased from the National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products (lot number: 0719-200511).
The detected ions were 238 m/z for muscone and 98 m/z for cyclohexanone.
In order to promote volatilization of muscone from the samples, 1% aqueous NaCl solution was added during plasma extraction.
Because of the low content of muscone in metabolites, each sample was extracted three times in the headspace device to achieve complete extraction, as far as possible, and the response value for muscone remained constant after three extractions.
Comparative studies were performed of direct injection of plasma samples containing muscone and injection after precipitation of protein from the plasma samples.
The retention times of muscone and the internal standard, cyclohexanone, under these conditions were approximately 8.1 and 3.90 min, respectively, with good peak shapes.
Muscone standard solution of known concentration was added to a blank plasma sample without internal standard and the chromatogram shown in Figure 1(b) was obtained.
Muscone standard solutions and internal standard (20 [micro]L) were added to control plasma (300 [micro]L) to give muscone concentrations of 75.6, 378, 756, 3,780, and 7,560 ng x [mL.sup.-1].
This data indicated that the standard curve was linear for plasma muscone concentrations ranging from 75.6 to 7,560 ng x [mL.sup.-1], with the minimum detection limit being 25 ng x [mL.sup.-1] (S/N ratio = 3).
The relative recovery rate was determined by inserting the peak area ratio for plasma muscone to internal standard into the standard curve equation and then expressing the detected concentration as a percentage of the added concentration.
Plasma samples containing four different concentrations of muscone (75.6, 378,756, and 3780 ng x [mL.sup.-1]) were analysed using a standard curve obtained on the same day, and the sample containing each concentration was analysed six times.
Six healthy, male Sprague Dawley rats were deprived of food for 12 h, then artificial musk (625 mg x [kg.sup.-1]) was administered orally, and pharmacokinetic parameters of muscone in rat serum was shown as Table 4.