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or mus·cle-bound (mŭs′əl-bound′)
Having inelastic, overdeveloped muscles that function poorly together for concerted action.
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Women are often put off weight training because they think it will make them "musclebound" and unattractive.
Based on a Marvel comic, it followed the bathetic journey to the end of night of one David Bruce Banner, who famously got belted by gamma rays and thereafter turned into a musclebound, green-skinned rageaholic whenever he had to stand behind shoppers with too many items in the express checkout line, renew his driver's license, or sit through another Jimmy Carter sermonette on thermostat settings.
In Mark Hughes, 1996, the weird double exposures of a tan, musclebound, white thong-bulging creature juxtapose his ghostly head near his package; they at once celebrate and discombobulate what are thought to be identifiable, even quantifiable, structures--masculinity, stardom, success.
I read a lot of workout magazines, but I have noticed that American Fitness tends to shy away from the big musclebound look that is so prevalent in many other "fitness" publications.
As a result, the residence blocks have a decidedly musclebound appearance, as if extruded from this corset of rigorously applied geometry.
The latter is a balding, musclebound bag of aggression who seems to sweat insincerity from every pore.
The musclebound combatants of WWE will duke it out during the American organisation's first show at the new AECC later this year.
Musclebound Andrew McVicar, 35, must serve a minimum of 12 years for the death of Timothy Smith during a raid on a house last year.
Health and sports equipment shop Musclebound, in New Street, won the Independent Sports Retailer of the Year Award at the Independent Scottish Retails Awards.
Back in January 2016, the musclebound star held a meetand-greet at the ICC - with tickets priced at an eye-watering PS1,500.
9PM A high-octane action thriller that was essentially a dry run for his future role in the Fast and the Furious films, Dwayne Johnson plays a musclebound vigilante hunting down the men who killed his brother.