muscle tone

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muscle tone

See tonus.

mus·cle tone

(mŭs'ĕl tōn)
1. The internal state of muscle-fiber tension within individual muscles and muscle groups.
2. Degree of muscle tension or resistance during rest or in response to stretching.
See also: hypertonia, hypotonia (3)

Muscle tone

Also termed tonus; the normal state of balanced tension in the tissues of the body, especially the muscles.
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muscle tone

syn tonus (1) in skeletal muscle, a state of tension that is maintained continuously - minimally even when relaxed - and which increases in resistance to passive stretch. Pathologically, loss of tone (flaccidity) can be caused, e.g. by peripheral nerve damage, and exaggerated tone (spasticity) by overstimulation, e.g. when the activity of the relevant lower motor neurons is released from higher CNS control in spinal injury. The term is sometimes also used, incorrectly, to indicate general muscle strength. (2) In smooth muscle, steady tension maintained in the walls of hollow vessels; regulated mainly by autonomic innervation but influenced, e.g. in the walls of arterioles, by local variables: temperature, chemical factors or intravascular pressure, contributing to autoregulation of appropriate blood flow. See also stretch reflex.

muscle tone

background tension within resting muscle tissue (due to random activation of small numbers of muscle motor units)


A state of partial contraction present in a muscle in its passive state as, for example, when the eye is in the physiological position of rest. Syn. muscle tone. See resting state of accommodation; physiological position of rest; tonic vergence.

Patient discussion about muscle tone

Q. what sort of diet should I take to tone up my muscle and to lose fat in my body? Is steroid a good idea?

A. as williams41 say- it's a BAD idea... steroids wil damage your body immune system and can get you more prone to bacterial/virus/fungal attacks. it also have unhealthy side effects that one of them is distribution of fat in the face area that can be unpleasant. so consider your steps...

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The Myoton was originally developed to measure muscle tone in large muscles of the torso and limbs, and recent reports indicate good reliability over time for individuals with stroke and healthy older people [46-47].
In particular, the literature has focused on weight loss, with little research on weight gain or strategies to increase muscle tone.
Vibrations are asymmetric in URLNP due to the asymmetry in mass and muscle tone of the two VC.
The LMN adds together the stimulating and inhibiting messages it gets at any one time and sets the muscle tone.
Depending on the affected area of the brain, the severity and the type of stroke, deficits from a stroke can range from mild to severe and can affect the patient's muscle tone, motor control, cognition, and perception.
Aging may also affect bowel regularity because a slower metabolism results in less intestinal activity and muscle tone.
It's never too late to keep up muscle tone - and skating and other such sports are not the only way to accomplish it.
The faster a person with an amputation gets up and moving, the less muscle tone and strength they lose.
Using a multi-contact electrode and a programmable implantable pulse generator (IPG), the system delivers muscle tone to key tongue muscles to prevent the tongue from collapsing into the upper airway.
Snoring will generally only occur while we are asleep, this is because our muscle tone is reduced while we sleep meaning there is insufficient strength in our airways to prevent the tissue vibrating.
In addition, after the age of 50, muscle tone in the lips and surrounding area constantly decreases and in a parallel with the reduction of skin elasticity, contributes to wrinkle formation and saggy skin.