muscle tone

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mus·cle tone

(mŭs'ĕl tōn)
1. The internal state of muscle-fiber tension within individual muscles and muscle groups.
2. Degree of muscle tension or resistance during rest or in response to stretching.
See also: hypertonia, hypotonia (3)

Muscle tone

Also termed tonus; the normal state of balanced tension in the tissues of the body, especially the muscles.
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A state of partial contraction present in a muscle in its passive state as, for example, when the eye is in the physiological position of rest. Syn. muscle tone. See resting state of accommodation; physiological position of rest; tonic vergence.

Patient discussion about muscle tone

Q. what sort of diet should I take to tone up my muscle and to lose fat in my body? Is steroid a good idea?

A. as williams41 say- it's a BAD idea... steroids wil damage your body immune system and can get you more prone to bacterial/virus/fungal attacks. it also have unhealthy side effects that one of them is distribution of fat in the face area that can be unpleasant. so consider your steps...

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Emerging portable and handheld devices for instrumental measurement of muscle tone [35] may offer clinically useful alternatives [36-38] to perceptual ratings if their reliability and validity across various muscle sites and populations can be demonstrated.
All the manipulatives in my studio are suitable for children with weak muscle tone who require use of the large-finger muscles for grasping.
Fetuses and young children are most sensitive to mercury exposure, which can cause brain and nervous system damage, retardation of development, mental impairment, seizures, abnormal muscle tone and problems in coordination.
The muscle tone in his right leg and both arms was grade 3; however, he could not move his left leg.
Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a complex genetic disorder that typically causes low muscle tone, short stature, incomplete sexual development, cognitive disabilities, problem behaviors, and a chronic feeling of hunger.
Regular massage improves posture, muscle tone and flexibility, training your body for labor.
Maintain good muscle tone. "You want to make sure that the muscles are strong around any joint you're routinely putting stress on," says Millar.
In addition to improvements in strength and muscle tone, endurance increases.
In addition to helping you dodge the side effects of antidepressants, regular exercise can increase your self-esteem level through weight loss and improved muscle tone. But if winter proves too daunting a time to jump out there and begin an exercise regimen, know that you can achieve benefit by gradually easing into it.
These exercises are periodic, voluntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles that are designed to increase muscle tone.' This non-surgical approach to the treatment of SUI is associated with very low morbidity and reasonable success rates.
He uses no speech (just screaming), experiences seizures, has low muscle tone, vision problems and is wheelchair-dependent.