muscle resection

mus·cle re·sec·tion

shortening of the tendon of the ocular muscle in strabismus.
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All patients underwent strabismus muscle surgery under general anesthesia in the form of either muscle weakening procedure (recession of recti or inferior oblique graded recession,) or strengthening procedure (muscle resection or plication), with the determined amount of recession and/or resection in millimeters done according to the preoperative angle measurements.
These various surgical procedures such as Muller muscle resection, Fasnella Servat procedure, levator aponeurosis advancement, levator resection and brow suspension are performed considering into account primarily the levator function.9,10
A 6-mm left medial rectus muscle recession, 8-mm left lateral rectus muscle resection, and 6-mm right medial rectus recession were performed using a fornix-based approach that is preferred for surgical procedures.
Of those with isolated recurrences 4 (16%) had isolated lung resections, 4 (16%) had intestinal resections, 2 (8%) had partial hepatectomies, 1 (4%) had distal pancreatectomy, and 1 (4%) had complete psoas muscle resection. In patients that had multiple site recurrences 5 (20%) had multiple lesions resected from the pelvis (urinary bladder, rectum, and colon), 4 (16%) had multiple intra-abdominal intestinal resections, 1 (4%) had colon and liver resection, 1 (4%) had colon and lung resection, 1 (4%) had bladder and lung resection, and 1 (4%) other had liver and lung resection.
Gross modifications of the mandible are reported after temporal muscle resection in young rats, supporting the functional matrix theory of mandibular growth.
(8) A more radical approach to treating MMH consists of partial muscle resection, usually in the lower portion using either the intraoral or extraoral approach.
Due to the excessive tear of the diaphragm and muscle resection at the axilla respiratory distress were observed.
Common procedures include external levator muscle resection or advancement and Muller's muscle-conjuctival resection.
In others, the mitral valve anterior leaflet may be so elongated that no amount of muscle resection may be enough to relieve the obstructive phenomenon.