muscle energy technique

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mus·cle en·er·gy tech·nique

(MET) (mŭs'ĕl en'ĕr-jē tek-nēk')
A bodywork modality that intends to adjust proprioceptive activity and levels of resting tension through gentle stretching and muscle contraction against resistance.
See also: proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
Synonym(s): strain-counterstrain.
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The findings of our study regarding Muscle energy technique in increasing ROM and reducing pain are supported by the studies of Mahajan R et al.
Rahul Pandey and Indian colleagues recently conducted a small pilot study to explore the effect of muscle energy technique and myofacial release on primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG).
MET (Muscle Energy Technique) COURSE to be held on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6th 2016
Various treatment techniques are available to treat hamstring tightness such as muscle energy technique, position release technique, myofacial release techniques and different stretching techniques.
This may include massage, joint mobilization, osteopathic manipulation, trigger point dry needling, strain counter strain, muscle energy technique and craniosacral therapy.
This edition has added anatomical illustrations and clinical indications and contraindications where appropriate, along with additional techniques, especially in the chapters on counterstrain and muscle energy technique. A companion website contains additional resources including a searchable text and 13 hours of video demonstrations.
MET (Muscle Energy Technique) Course For the lower limb
Muscle energy technique is an osteopathic technique that goes back to A.T.Still.
This chapter also covers various massage modalities such as neuromuscular massage, muscle energy technique, positional release, spray and stretch methods and rehabilitation exercise.
After demonstrating functional assessment testing for the muscles of posture' that can become chronically tight and dysfunctional, David will show you how to apply a specific Muscle Energy Technique to correct these dysfunctional muscles to restore normality.
I am a remedial massage therapist, focusing mainly on trigger point, myofascial and muscle energy techniques. I am also qualified in sports therapies, oncology and pregnancy massage.