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The unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought, either express or implied
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Q. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. Family and friend assumes that he is bipolar, but as yet he is not been diagnosed. He has answered yes to all the questions in a questionnaire to indicate bipolar. Bipolar do commit murder often and would he have been manic when he did it?

A. It is not uncommon for someone suffering with bipolar to commit crimes, mostly this happens in a manic state. His family can talk to his lawyer about getting him a pychological evaluation, if he is dagnosed bipolar they can begin to treat him. He will still be responsible for his actions but they can work with him to make him better. Good luck

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Appearing before the Public Prosecution, the six accused were charged them with attempting to murder two on-duty policemen, setting fire to a patrol car and taking part in a rally involving more than five people.
James Fayed was convicted of murder two weeks ago in the stabbing death of 44-year-old Pamela Fayed by a hired man on July 28, 2008.
The defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested and charged with her murder two days later.
Summary: Two young brothers accused of attempting to murder two young boys in the pit village of Edlington near Doncaster are due in court.
TWO brothers accused of attempting to murder two young boys were told yesterday they must stay in secure local authority accommodation until their case is committed to the Crown Court.
He also denies attempting to murder two other children, aged six and three, who were in the house at the time.
A 22-year-old man has appeared in court charged with attempting to murder two police officers in Birmingham.