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muntjac, muntjak

Asian rib-faced deer with slit-like scent gland openings on the face and two-tined antlers. Called also Muntiacus muntjak.
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Those were the only muntjac I saw, but I did a whole lot better on the roebuck population.
Seven species of large native ungulates are known to be present within MPF and PPWS: wild water buffalo, gaur Bosgaurus, banteng, sambar Rusa unicolor, Eld's deer, wild pig Sus scrofa and red muntjac Muntiacus muntjak (Phan et al.
Barking deer also known as Indian Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjac), is a small deer of the genus Muntiacus belonging to Cervidae family in order Artiodactyla of class Mammalia.
There is an expanding population of the invasive non-native muntjac deer that has the potential to make significant negative impacts on our native ground flora and in some areas displace the native roe.
I field-dressed and caped a Chinese water deer and muntjac with two very impressive, reasonably priced American-made knives that turned British heads.
His topics ranged from muntjac quests to raucous tea under the sea.
Smaller than you'd think, Impek has twice dispatched groom Jackie Jenner to hospital after whipping round and kicking her on the head, though he failed the hat-trick attempt when slamming on the brakes after seeing a muntjac dart out from a hedge, firing her out of the saddle.
All three men regarded women as some exotic, foreign ``other'' like the endangered muntjac tusked deer - sure, they're cute, but what the hell were you supposed to do with them?
In the past decade, the Annamite area has yielded stunning finds--the deerlike giant muntjac, the bovine saola, the Vietnam warty pig--notes Joshua Ginsberg of the Asia Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society, based at the Bronx Zoo.