municipal hospital

mu·nic·i·pal hos·pi·tal

a government hospital administered by city officials.
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Contract award notice: Konkurs ofert nr 4 / ksz / 18 for the provision of health services within the neonatology department and neonatal clinic of the municipal hospital in ruda slaska sp.
Alejo died while being rushed to the Narra Municipal Hospital.
Orange City Municipal Hospital and Clinic is an administrative department of Orange City, Iowa.
A kidney was earlier transplanted to another woman in her 40s from Hokkaido at a municipal hospital in Sapporo on Sunday.
In light of these facilities' responsibilities, there's simply no reason for a municipal hospital, on public property, supported directly and indirectly with public funds, to deny certain services because they fail to conform to the guidelines of a specific religious denomination.
The Nagoya District Court on Monday ordered a municipal hospital to pay 36.
In Dubna Municipal Hospital last week, there were no heart surgeons, no medications to help clear clogged arteries, no potent antibiotics and only 15 catheters left in the medicine cabinets.
Municipal hospital patients with myocardial infarction were more likely to have a catastrophic comorbidity, 16.
When an ad appeared in the local paper for medical director of a 100-bed municipal hospital, I was eager to apply and discard my policing role.
Contract award notice: The tender-tender offer for laboratory tests for the needs of the municipal hospital in siemianowice slaskie sp.
This is happening with dozens of medics from the municipal hospital in Dimitrovgrad.
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