municipal hospital

mu·nic·i·pal hos·pi·tal

a government hospital administered by city officials.
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Sadron was declared dead on arrival at the Alcala Municipal Hospital.
Prime Minister Borissov ordered the Ministry of Health to make analyses of the financial situation of each municipal hospital in the country.
The Supreme Court of Iowa ruled that a municipal hospital's assisted-living facilities and independent-living facilities were operated for a public purpose and were exempt from property tax assessment.
A kidney was earlier transplanted to another woman in her 40s from Hokkaido at a municipal hospital in Sapporo on Sunday.
In light of these facilities' responsibilities, there's simply no reason for a municipal hospital, on public property, supported directly and indirectly with public funds, to deny certain services because they fail to conform to the guidelines of a specific religious denomination.
The Nagoya District Court on Monday ordered a municipal hospital to pay 36.5 million yen in compensation to the parents of a baby boy who died five months after birth due to improper delivery by hospital staff.
Municipal hospital patients with myocardial infarction were more likely to have a catastrophic comorbidity, 16.6 percent versus 10.6 percent.
When an ad appeared in the local paper for medical director of a 100-bed municipal hospital, I was eager to apply and discard my policing role.
Meanwhile, in an effort to preserve it, a decision was reached by the Municipal Council for a merger with the other municipal hospital - St.
Police Officer 1 David Catangui said it took almost two hours before the girl was brought to the Caramoan municipal hospital, where she was declared dead.
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