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An oral-motor pattern seen in children at about 6 months of age; earliest form of chewing; includes rhythmic up and down movement of the jaw that can appear as a stereotypic pattern or include movements that vary in degree of jaw opening and timing. It is elicited by stimulation of the gums or teeth.
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Now six ways have been suggested that can help quell the mindless munching once and for all.
IT IS reported that some egg-head university professor is exhorting gardeners, on finding snails munching their beans, etc, to colour them with nail varnish, take them a certain distance away and release them and take note if and when they reappear, to munch on greenery.
But scientists found that the trees seem to sense when the animals stop munching their leaves, so they produce less nectar and the ants depart.
But aside from sunbathing on her Jersey hotel balcony while munching an apple, the ex-Corrie beauty is limiting public appearances to a month-long run in Little Shop Of Horrors at the local opera house.
Pinto, 2000, is a painting of a typical roadside scene: a horse lazily munching on grass in an otherwise empty field.
In between, the horse waited calmly with his head and front legs stuck out of the hole, munching on carrots, getting cooled off with a garden hose and being petted by firefighters and animal control officers.
The as-yet-unidentified microbes are munching on kerogen, a mixture of large organic molecules formed from the remains of bacteria and algae that were incorporated into ocean-floor sediments millions of years ago.
Smooth and fatty and long, with seven white stripes painted on either side and a sharp little horn for a tail, I lie stretched out on a leaf, pale green on my bed of green, munching, munching.