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1 micrometer

(mī′krō-mēt-ĕr) [ micro- + -meter],


One millionth of a meter (10−6); one thousandth of a millimeter (0.001 mm). It was formerly called a micron.
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"I've seen a massive difference in people; it's really rewarding to see people come on in themselves and gain confidence in themselves as mums."
Cat and two friends will cycle up to 300 miles across Kenya for the charity's Team Mum project, which supports mums and babies in countries where they face dangerous health risks.
And Penny Lancaster, 48, called mum Sally a "wonderful woman", while Loose Women's Ruth Langsford, 59, joked after lunch with Joan: "I ate so much."
? On March 30, Boots' Dumfries beauty team are running a special event for mums and daughters with make up demos and a chance to try products alongside some fizz and cake.
While it's best to plant potted mums that were used in fall decorating after the flowers die and before winter sets in, some container plants can still thrive and come back the following year.
"Just hearing other mums talk - everyone's got a slightly different story.
Overall, seven in 10 mums say their young children have repeated negative phrases about their appearance after hearing their mothers say it first.
And who better to help, the pair thought, than out-of-work mums with Twitter and Facebook skills?
The survey, with over 10,000 respondents, offers marketers new insights into how mums in the region engage online.
All over the country at around 3pm, the same scene will play out: cars pull up, mums get out and walk to the school gates where a gaggle of other mums awaits.