Referring to an enzyme, receptor, or acceptor protein, which requires two or more substrates.
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Be ready--is a Flexible and bodyshape multisubstrate and cellulose-free material that combines topsheet, core and ADL capabilities.
The sequence of N2 resembled that of an Arabidopsis thaliana MYB transcription factor, that of N4 a multisubstrate pseudouridine synthase 7-like gene from Malus x domestica, N5 a Gossypium hirsutum putative leucine zipper protein.
During the seminars, MPS will feature its EF multisubstrate press which is especially designed for label production as well as the printing of flexible packaging on unsupported film or carton board.
It is valid for multisubstrate reactions irrespective of the mechanism.
The topics covered in the subsequent chapters include characterization of enzyme activity by the equilibrium and steady-state models; reversible, irreversible, and mechanism-based (alternate and suicide inhibition) enzyme inhibition; effects of pH on enzyme reactions; mechanisms of enzyme reactions; two- and multisubstrate reactions; immobilized, interfacial, and allosteric enzymes; transient phases of enzyme reactions; and enzyme stability.
High-throughput mass-spectrometry monitoring for multisubstrate enzymes: determining the kinetic parameters and catalytic activities of glycosyltransferases.
Both of these machines are multisubstrate capable and also feature the patented Gidue Flower print deck design'.
The latest REM Model 15000 center-surface slitter/rewinder from Webex incorporates a number of innovative, custom features designed to produce uniform, narrow width, 40-inch diameter rolls from multisubstrate films run at tensions as low as 0.
Complex I is a multisubstrate enzyme, requiring a suitable quinone as an electron acceptor.
Available in 18", 22", 26", and 30" print widths, it is servo driven and multisubstrate capable.