multistage model

mul·ti·stage mod·el

a mathematical model, mainly for carcinogenesis, based on the theory that a specific carcinogen may affect one among a number of stages in the development of cancer.
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In the next section, where I lay out a multistage model of FTA formations, these general hypotheses are more closely examined.
The principal argument of the multistage model is that different stages during FTA formation are outcomes of participants' deliberate decisions.
This multistage model provides a powerful analytical tool for a nuanced examination of states' FTA motives and strategies.
We build multistage model from three different methods, including division based on process, K-means algorithm, and GA optimization algorithm.
com)-- Mobile app developer and web designer, Keyideas recently announced their plans to shift to a multistage model to create responsive eCommerce websites.
Keyideas has laid out seven unique features that form the foundation of their multistage model.
Referring to the multistage model of behavioral change, he noted that making smokers aware of the link between smoking and end-organ damage is critical in starting the process.
Some generalizations of the two-mutation model of carcinogenesis of Moolgavkar, Venzon, and Knudson, and of the multistage model of Armitage and Doll.
For chemicals that do not react with DNA, it is not appropriate to use the linearated multistage model to extrapolate cancer risks from high toxic doses t lower nontoxic exposures.
In liver cancer research with experimental animals, DEN is used either as a complete carcinogen or as an initiator in multistage models (5).
Therefore, in multistage models of hepatocarcinogenesis that are initiated by a necrogenic dose of DEN, promoting agents might better be started at least 5 weeks after DEN treatment, not 2 weeks as originally designed (5), when sex difference is one concern of the study.
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