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Informatics The ability of an operating system to simultaneously run multiple programs–eg, graphics, spreadsheets, word processing or formats of software–eg, coding, compiling, testing
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Performing multiple duties or taking on multiple responsibilities and roles simultaneously.
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Thus, a common intuition may be that performance of MPI code is less sensitive to multiprogramming and fast synchronization.
* MultiProgramming: The system must be capable of supporting the concurrent execution of multiple application programs on a noninterfering basis in a manner whereby each program gets its required allocation of computing resources.
Interleaving is a third approach that derives from multiprogramming ideas in operating systems via models of concurrency such as transition systems.
Fairness is a mathematical abstraction: in a multiprogramming environment, fairness abstracts the details of admissible ("fair") schedulers; in a distributed environment, fairness abstracts the relative speeds of processors.
Our statistics reflect the impact of operating system references and multiprogramming on program cache behavior.
Areas of special interest include systems support for multiprocessing, multiprogramming, distributed, and mobile computing; resource management; reliability and security; OS kernel structure; and performance evaluation.
Txn concurrency or multiprogramming is required to take advantage of multiple processors and CPU-I/O overlap to attain high txn throughputs.
The organization of matrices and matrix operations in a paged multiprogramming environment.
Analysis of cache performance for operating systems and multiprogramming. Ph.D.
Scheduling algorithm for multiprogramming in a hard real-time environment.

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