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1. To increase the amount, number, or degree of.
2. To breed or propagate.
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Patient discussion about multiply

Q. can one be allergic to multiply things and react the same?

A. if you are allergic to something that means you have a tendency to develop allergies. Your body can decide to react in the same way to other things too. It can also manifest in other way- depends on the allergen. If it's airborne, could get to bronchi and cause asthma, or to the nasal cavity and cause sneezing and mucus. Or if can cause irritation by touch. Any way, the answer is yes:)

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In December, Multiply stopped its social networking service to focus on e-commerce, targeting the 350 million consumers in Indonesia and the Philippines.
After that, the African would multiply money for the undercover agent.
"Victims of these crimes are conned into believing their money will instantly multiply to wake up one day to find all their savings lost," said Colonel Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the Criminal Investigation Unit.
When the bacteria multiply rapidly they release toxins that may damage blood vessels, tissues and organs.
Designed for use as a textbook, this publication provides an analysis of the basics of the technology and processes of multiply forming.
"It makes no sense to multiply and afterwards to eat each other," Kusch says.
You may tell students, "You can multiply two numbers in either order, and the answer will be the same." But you can write "For any numbers a and b, a [multiplied by] b = b [multiplied by] a." The specific instance 6 [multiplied by] 12 = 12 [multiplied by] 6 looks like the algebra and does not look at all like the verbal description.
A standard pneumatic cylinder combined with a belt mechanism is said to multiply speed of the cylinder while absorbing shock at the ascent end and improving take-out time.
On a sheet of paper, multiply the first number on the left by one.
Summary: ABU DHABI - A man lost Dh6 million after he gave it to two men he believed were 'sorcerers', expecting they would multiply it to Dh1 billion, Abu Dhabi Police said.
Take this sum: multiply the amount of dosh paid to send the Shadow Cabinet through Eton by the sum Derek Conway fiddled to put his sons through university.